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Empowerment Hour: Details coming soon.

GirlsSOARtoo Mentoring (Girls Succeeding Over All Roadblocks too): All girls need someone positive to represent a model of who they can grow to be. All girls need to be in the company of positive women and girls just like them that are working to achieve similar, if not the same, goals, despite the obstacles faced in life. GirlsSOARtoo offers  Mentoring, Self-Esteem Building and Shaping, and Interpersonal Skills Development workshops and activities for girls grades first through twelfth. Workshops and activities focus on teaching young ladies appropriate social skills for interaction with peers, family members, and authority figures; assist in learning, setting, and respecting personal boundaries for themselves and others; encourage setting high standards, morals and values as it relates to academia, relationships, character and spirituality; teach the appreciation for growth opportunities, academic excellence and career exploration; participate in community enrichment activities andvolunteering; introduce and encourage involvement in pro-social activities amongst a host of other age appropriate/relevant topics.

For more information about GirlsSOARtoo Mentoring or if you’d like to schedule a workshop, session, or training for your organization, contact for scheduling information and rates.

If These Walls Could Talk Series: What happens after a long day of work, you get in your vehicle, close the door, and drive off? What happens when you make it home, no one is there, the door is locked and the mask comes off? If the walls, doors, mirrors, seats, etc. spoke, what would they say? Not referring to the juicy gossip some may think of, but those moments that life seems to be most unbearable, you’ve masked it all day, and now that you’re alone you come unglued.

If These Walls Could Talk takes an in-depth look at those moments in which we feel as though we are falling apart, deteriorating, losing control, and encountering such situations alone. It’s designed to change the conversation our walls have been privy to by directly addressing those issues, facing them, and learning how to better cope, progress, and change our lives.

If These Walls Could Talk is for everyone, but here are a few examples:

  • Children, adolescents, and teenagers struggling with bullying, self-esteem, peer pressure, abuse, neglect, broken homes;
  • Women facing life stressors such as parenting, abusive relationships, unmet emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs resulting in depression, anxiety, anger, isolation and loneliness, rejection, self-esteem issues and inadequacies
  • Men who struggle with meeting their fullest potential, have challenges securing adequate employment, face difficulties providing for their families, facing depression and unsure of how to express it, attempting to suppress a history of neglect, abuse, and violence, and protecting their masculinity.

These are just a few situations that only scratch the surface of what we are facing when the day ends, the suit and tie, make-up, high heels, and work or school badge comes off and the door closes. Every person has encountered something that caused a silent cry to well up on the inside eventually leading to the point of unfiltered release. As I began to work on this project I thought, “wow, even my walls have a mouthful.”

For more information about the If These Walls Could Talk workshops/series, or if you’d like to schedule a workshop, session, or training for your organization, contact for scheduling information and rates.

Little Girl Arise Workshops: Workshops will be offered based on concepts and principles shared in Little Girl Arise. These workshops are designed to extend beyond the activities in the Little Girl Arise Book, Workbook, and PurposeMinder – Jumpstart to Fulfilling Purpose. Stay tuned for more information.

For more information about the Little Girl Arise Workshops, or if you’d like to schedule a workshop for your youth, young adult, or women’s ministry or any other group or organization, contact for scheduling information and rates.

Love Redefined: More information coming soon.

Self-Care of Beware: One of the most important things we should do is take care of ourselves. As a helping professional, I often advise supervisees that we are ineffective and bring no benefit to those we serve when we neglect to take care of self. Often, I pose these questions:

How are you doing?

  • How often do you take time to check on yourself as you do your clients, colleagues, family members, friends, etc.?
  • How often do you encourage yourself, pat yourself on the back, and celebrate you for your progress and accomplishments in the many roles you fulfill?
  • How often do you reluctantly respond “YES,” when you really want to say “H E Double Hockey Sticks NO?”
  • How often do you go beyond the call of duty with very little in you, rarely being replenished?

Self-Care or Beware is a series of workshops that first takes a general look at self-care and wellness to provide education and awareness. Also, the series further dissects self-care in order to help those who tend to neglect themselves due to home and work responsibilities and social commitments take a much needed assessment of their lives to evaluate stress levels and burn-out, and learn strategies to implement and consistently use self-care measures.

For more information about Self-Care or Beware, or if you’d like to schedule a workshop, session, or training for your organization, contact for scheduling information and rates.

Soaring Above ANGER (Animosity, Negativity, Grudges, Emptiness, Rage): Surprise, surprise, anger is a normal feeling. At one point or another we’ve all experienced anger. The bad isn’t in being angry, but how we handle that anger tends to make it dangerous. I often remind clients what the bible instructs regarding anger in Ephesians 4:26, “Be angry, and do not sin.” To say that one day we will all learn how to completely resist anger without fail would be misleading; however, we can learn to appropriately express, communication, and channel that anger so that we avoid the bad, the sin.

Soaring Above ANGER provides a series of anger management education, activities, and skills building workshops, which focus on gaining an in-depth overall and personal understanding of anger, building skills that assist with identifying triggers to anger, increase anger control, promote more appropriate expression of anger, and de-escalate anger quickly and effectively in an acceptable manner.

For more information about Soaring Above ANGER, or if you’d like to schedule a workshop, session, or training for your organization, contact for scheduling information and rates.

Training & Development Topics: Soar Counseling and Consulting Services offers educational training, awareness, in-services/workshops, and group activities. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Anger and Impulse Control, De-escalation Techniques, and Management
  • Childhood/Adolescents Behavioral and Disruptive Disorders (ADHD, ODD, Conduct Disorder), Behavior Modification, Effective Parenting Skills Building
  • Client Specific Assessing and Treatment Planning
  • Communication Skills Development
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Coping Techniques and Strategies
  • Crisis Planning and Intervention
  • General Mental Health and Wellness
  • Grief, Depression, and Sadness
  • Healthy Relationship Building
  • Mental Illness Disorders: Anxiety Disorders, Impulse Control Disorders, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Relaxation and Stress Management
  • Self-Care Planning
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Building
  • Social Skills Development
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Supports Building
  • Trauma: Abuse, Neglect, Loss

For more information about Training and Development, or if you’d like to schedule a workshop, session, or training for your organization, contact for scheduling information and rates.

Tarkisha is also available for speaking engagements and presentations. Contact for more information.


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