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The Arising Conference 2020 | Virtual Encounter
Trust ME | Mender of Everything

Friday, Nov. 20th & Saturday, Nov. 21st, 2020
Register at: https://soarcounselingbr.wordpress.com/online-ordering/ 
Have questions? Contact me by email: soarcounselingbr@gmail.com
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Ladies, are you ready for a virtual encounter that will change your life forever? If so, make sure you register for The Arising Conference 2020. There will be three spiritually charged women who will pour into us Friday evening, and Saturday promises to bless you in ways I’m sure we’re all in need of right now!

Trust ME | Mender of Everything is definitely the theme we need to grab hold to as we close out 2020 and never let go!!! And the great thing about it is you’ll be able to enjoy from the comfort of your own home or get together with your girlfriends, sisters, strong friends, etc. to experience.

The Arising Conference will be held the evening of Friday, November 20th with Minister Shirelle LaMothe-Lodge, Elder Anthonise M. Davenport, and Lady Dionne Croz-Smith, LPC-S. Saturday, November 21st will be a half day session with impactful life growing activities, fun and laughter, and great facilitators. More information and details will be provided via e-mail upon registration. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at soarcounselingbr@gmail.com.

What now? Visit Soar’s website [https://soarcounselingbr.wordpress.com/online-ordering/] to register for The Arising Conference 2020 virtual encounter.

Listen, do not register alone! Note: Registration fee includes shipping cost for conference package. 

The Arising Conference Host

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