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Little Girl Arise Bundle

Little Girl Arise Bundle includes the Little Girl Arise Book, Workbook, and Purpose Minder. ***Shipping included in price.


Little Girl Arise Book

Little Girl Arise speaks to the little girl inside every woman. The little girl who suffered a tragedy that caused her to abandon her purpose. Little Girl Arise provides essential principles to restore the life she thought was spiritually dead. This book will help every woman recognize her true purpose, and give her the steps to aligning her life with God’s plan. ***Shipping included in price.


Little Girl Arise Workbook

The Little Girl Arise Workbook promotes further understanding and use of the principles shared in Little Girls Arise. In the Little Girl Arise workbook, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in activities associated with each chapter. Take advantage of each of these opportunities because they’re of great importance to your arising. As a believer and a counselor, I know that as God reveals things to us, we have to put them in practice; we have to strategize, plan, prepare, and most importantly, pray. ***Shipping included in price.


Little Girl Arise Purpose Minder

We all have ideas, thoughts, and perspective, which sometimes never make it from our brain to the paper, let alone put into action. The 60 Day Little Girl Arise to Purpose Minder is a 60-Day Planner, which will serve as your accountability partner as you begin your pursuit to fulfill purpose. The 60 Day Little Girl Arise to Purpose Minder provides the inspiration needed to remain focused, and work toward fulfilling your God ordained assignments. Daily activities you’ll engage in include reading scripture and/affirmations, time for reflection, redirection, planning your pursuit to fulfill purpose, daily dose of self-encouragement, and prayer. ***Shipping included in price.


Purpose Fulfilled Journal

— Many times, we keep a journal to express ourselves, document feelings and keep note of memorable moments and events. Journals provide an avenue for expression and to get thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings out without interruption, judgment, or concern for what others may think or how they may respond. The Purpose Fulfilled Journal is pretty similar to all other journals except this one has a specific assignment…PURPOSE. This journal is to document all things purpose related. — We were all created with purpose…for purpose…on purpose. We all have a specific mission on earth that we are called to fulfill. The pursuit towards fulfilling that purpose may not always be easy! It may not always be comfortable! It may even present challenges! But know this, you are equipped for the journey. When you are faced with difficulties, be reminded, you aren’t alone. Throughout the journal, you’ll find several people from the bible that also had purpose, but at the same time experienced challenges, limitations, and barriers as they worked diligently to fulfill their purpose. Take time to read their stories for encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and reassurance that despite what you’re facing, if you stay committed to your purpose, it will be fulfilled. — This journal is your secret place to keep your thoughts, prayers, concerns, and plans related to purpose. Be open, be intentional, be purpose-minded so that one day soon you begin to see PURPOSE FULFILLED! ***Shipping included in price.


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