You too will SOAR!

Welcome to Soar Counseling and Consulting Services. I'm elated that you've taken time to visit our website to see what we have to offer. I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor that has always had a passion to help others. For many years I didn’t know exactly how I’d help others until I survived my very own personal crisis. Quite frequently I reflect on my counseling journey, and I'm always reminded of the significant difference it made in my life. That experience ultimately guided me to pursuing my purpose as a "helper" in the role of a counselor. I was able to look at my picture, clear it up, and gain the help I desperately needed to cope with a traumatic life situation, which was controlling my life and preventing me from experiencing genuine happiness. It wasn't until I decided to change the way I was viewing and experiencing life that I began to live again. And from there, I began to SOAR!
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